Power cable RVV 4 Cords

Parameters of Power cable RVV 4 Cords

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Details About Power cable RVV 4 Cords

RVV electric wire is the most commonly used cable system, the number of core wire is not fixed, two or more, there is a PVC sheath outside, there is no special requirements between the core line.

Protective effect of sheath

For example: rvv2*0.5 is the 0.5 2 square mm line plus a layer of outer sheath, the role of the sheath is

1, the protection of the protection of the cable layer from mechanical damage and chemical corrosion;

2, enhance the mechanical strength of the cable.

Inspection requirements:

RVV wire  refers to multi strand copper cord, look look at online identification, cortex and core thickness compared. Cortex is generally polyvinyl chloride material. Copper core is 19 stranded. General specifications have 1,1.5,2.5 square mm in length (around 100 meters), 95-100 meters GB line, non marking 90 meters left and right line

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